25 May 2022

Never go out of style and bring luck to you! Cool guys, there's no time to wait!A limited-time cooperation on exclusive clothing with Luckyeh! is coming! This is going to be a fun and extraordinary collaboration. Micotaku × Luckyeh! is an innovative and exclusive collection of graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts. It features modern exquisite art design to express blessings. You can achieve your goals, confess to someone you love, and do all the things once you were afraid to. Optimistic characters will bring you good luck and strength to get through all the trouble.

Print T-Shirts — Zodiac T-shirts

The exclusive 12 zodiac graphic tees bring luck to your life and show your own personality. You can find your star sign: independent Aquarius, romantic and compassionate Pisces, adventurous Aries, reliable Taurus, creative Gemini, home-loving but sensitive Cancer, confident Leo, analytical Virgo, easy-going Libra, optimistic Sagittarius and persistent Capricorn. The graphic tee features short sleeves, a crew neckline, and an exclusive zodiac graphic print on the front. It is made of super soft fabric for a flattering fit. For a fashion look pair with your fave denims or mini-skirt. A perfect lucky tee can be worn for any occasion.

Unisex Graphic tee

Summer is a season with romance. Lucky things magically happen around. You are THE NEXT LUCKY ONE with this print tee that express blessings. The graphic tee is crafted in soft, stretch fabric. It features short sleeves, a crew neck and cute lucky animal print on the chest. Unisex tees can be used as sweetheart outfits. Get lucky together with your lover!

Unisex Graphic Sweatshirt

Not only can you get lucky in summer but you could also be the lucky girl/boy all the time with our exclusive lucky graphic sweatshirt! The graphic sweatshirt is made from durable and soft fabric and features a perfect relaxed fit. Complete with long sleeves, a crew neck and a cute bunny print. This lucky print sweatshirt is a versatile must-have for everyone's wardrobe.

May all you ask for be what you wish, and what you do turn out to be smooth. Wanna be the next lucky one? No time to wait in this limited collaboration! Shop these lucky graphic tees and sweatshirts right now!!